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Unlike HTML which was intended as a markup language for use by people, MathML is intended to be used by machines, facilitating the searching and indexing of mathematical and scientific information. Several early versions of such MathML tools already exist, and a number of others, both freely available software and commercial products, are under development.

February 24, January 06, Sidje, David Fiddes, P.

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This will be a graphical equation editor with an internal representation in standard MathML text. Users need to be able to move information from one CASE tool to another in order to develop systems efficiently. They need to move information from a tool to a repository and back.

They need to exchange data between repositories. Many of the major modeling, CASE and repository vendors, and some large user organizations have pooled their expertise and resources to develop this Family of Standards. It facilitates a successful transfer when the authors of the importing and exporting tools have nothing in common except an agreement to conform to CDIF.

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In the version 3 draft document, Section 5. Compared to the HTML document type definition, XML-based document type definitions allow for a more strict definition of the content and content structure. On the other hand, the exchange of modeling information according to the CDIF architecture requires an even stricter set of rules to be followed than even in a strict application of XML.

As an example for the latter, consider the rich set of data types for meta-attributes and meta-meta-attributes required to exchange modeling information, and compare them to the significantly smaller set of data types provided by XML. PGML is a 2D scalable graphics language designed to meet both the simple vector graphics needs of casual users and the precision needs of graphics artists. It is not meant to be a complete definition for PGML. Many sections have been left open or have been labeled Ideas for Consideration so that the working group can develop the strongest possible language specification and ensure that it is fully compatible with other W3C standards efforts.

Within VML the content is composed of paths described using connected lines and curves.

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The markup gives semantic and presentation information for the paths. The submitters have clearly given thought to style sheet binding, to the necessary stylistic differences between editors and viewers, and to containment in HTML; they have also taken care to address the points in the W3C Requirements document. DataChannel, Inc. The abstract: "This document provides a specification WebBroker document type definitions, or WebBroker DTDs for describing and exchanging structured messages between software components on the Web.

Such exchange is facilitated by the DTDs which describe the structure of the messages method requests and method responses and which also describe the interfaces of the software components themselves. We expect the WebBroker DTDs to be useful for enabling many organizations to implement a mature yet simple and easy to reproduce model of distributed computing on the Web. Links: WebBroker submission , main text WebBroker submission request. Date: March 26, The goal is "to come up with a unified software object model for the Web. GCA is a technical management association in the publishing and printing industries that has supported XML since its creation.

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The first draft is anticipated for an availability date of September 30, For the purposes of this discussion group, the term "EDI" shall include business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-business exchanges of XML formatted and structured data or information. By setting up one global repository on the Internet, CEFACT can assume responsibility for the creation of new tags based on a corresponding EDIFACT data-element number and the standard description, while other organizations can assume responsibility for a language code or the corresponding element number in different standards.

By Dick Raman. June 19, As of Fall , there was a "proliferating activity of XXML initiatives [which] reflects the essential foundation the X12 standard provides to a multitude of emerging e-commerce technologies The CommerceNet initiative is designed to close the time gap between the development of industry standards and implementation of open, interoperable applications in the electronic commerce arena.

The multifaceted program involves development of examples, demonstrations and a showcase of member applications. The goal is to accelerate the adoption of XML as a key technology for the realization of efficient Internet Commerce. RosettaNet is a "global business consortium creating the electronic commerce framework to align processes in the IT supply chain.

By Anders Kristensen. Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. The primary application is as a transmission format for form values being submitted to a processing agent over the Web.

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The main advantage over other form value encodings is that it allows field names to be associated with structured values without resorting to non-XML encodings. In addition, it can carry a variety of descriptive information about the issuer, the resources, and the privileges specified in it. A capability card is written in XML, which is becoming a standard format rapidly for the internet data exchange. Consequently, users can handle various information in capability cards visually with an XML viewer. This is a fairly desirable feature for the existing internet services.

In this document, following the motivation and the basic concepts, the elements of XML DTD of capability cards are described. IPI was established to select standards and guidelines capable of allowing the interchange of a variety of information products for the telecommunications industry.

The ECIX architecture and standards are extensible, unambiguous, well documented and are maintained under the direction of Si2. It is a format powerful enough to express, publish, access and exchange UML models, and a natural extension from the existing Internet environment. It serves as a communication vehicle for developers, and as a well-structured data format for development tools.

UML, however, does not have an explicit format for interchanging its models intentionally. DOM provides a platform and programming language neutral interface to manipulate the content, structure and style of documents. Email suzuki yy. All of the six kinds of UML diagrams are supported. The name 'InterX. In NuDoc, a document object is made of style, content, and page layout sub-objects. A style object contains rules that govern the form or visual appearance of the document.

Content elements such as words, images, movies, etc. NuDoc reads and writes XML content files during the authoring process. NuDoc's TSL files are used to define the style sheets.

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For rapid saving and restoring of the entire document object's state, NuDoc can save to disk and re-read the post-composition document containing the style, content, and resulting page layouts including all user edits and mark-up to an external XML-format checkpoint file. Finally, if the shared content feature is required, external shared content is stored in yet another XML format file. PageFlex is a NuDoc-based Application under development as of mid It is the first solution to use XML as the intermediate data format between databases and the page composition process. The output formatter is based on Bitstream's revolutionary NuDoc page composition engine, NuDoc offers unprecedented control over the graphic design of page templates while maintaining a strict separation of form from the input XML content.

Coins is a programming project undertaken by Bill la Forge. One of the primary operations of a coins program is the binding of XML element types to specific Java classes. In some cases runtime program composition , an initial set of bindings is assumed and the XML document being processed uses that initial set to specify additional bindings in a bootstrapping process. The bindings used to process a document are not always fixed, but are often determined by the application or server processing the document.