The Ingathering of Israel

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Such collaboration plays a critical role in combating extremism in the region.

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I stand with JCJ in protecting the existence and sustainability of the land of Israel and ensure our Jewish state is vibrant, moral, safe, and secure for all people. Click To Tweet. Related Blog Posts. All Blog Posts…. Name First Last.

Ingathering of the Exiles: Aliyah and Rescue | The Jewish Agency

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Offer faith-based insights on JCJ resources and insider briefings. Christians and Jews have worked together for decades to foster this promise through The Jewish Agency for Israel.

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Each year, more than 5, young Olim — immigrants to Israel - make the brave decision and come to move to the Jewish state by themselves. Here is the story of one such immigrant. This operation, known as Operation Solomon, made history with a record number of passengers on a single flight — 1, passengers on one ElAl flight with the seats removed. Through the continued partnership of The Jewish Agency for Israel, the Government of Israel, and Jewish Federations of North America, there are more than , first- and second- generation Ethiopian immigrants now living in Israel.

Listen to the beautiful voices of new immigrants to Israel from all over the world.

Israel, Jerusalem, Yemen, c. Yemen, s. Working mother in a MALBEN sheltered workshop in Lydda Lod Under the supervision of medical personnel, hundreds of handicapped and chronically ill workers were employed in JDC-subsidized sheltered workshops that produced goods for the Israeli marketplace.

A. Restoration of the Bet Hamikdash

Israel, s. Tel Aviv, s.

The Scattering and the Ingathering

Ein Shemer, Israel, c. Greece, Daily baby-bathing program at the OSE clinic in Tunis for mothers from homes without running water In , with JDC support, Operation Baby Wash introduced the practice of infant bathing to poverty-stricken areas in North Africa, providing training for mothers, bathtubs, hot water, soap, towels, and other equipment.

Tunis, c.

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Training course in hairdressing and cosmetology at the JDC-subsidized ORT school in Tehran Vocational training programs offered Jewish young women independence and the opportunity to join the workforce. All s. Fred Csasznik: Chronicler of a People in Transition.

see url History of JDC. Jerome Silberstein: North Africa, ss.

The Ingathering of Israel The Ingathering of Israel
The Ingathering of Israel The Ingathering of Israel
The Ingathering of Israel The Ingathering of Israel
The Ingathering of Israel The Ingathering of Israel
The Ingathering of Israel The Ingathering of Israel
The Ingathering of Israel The Ingathering of Israel
The Ingathering of Israel The Ingathering of Israel
The Ingathering of Israel The Ingathering of Israel

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