The Challenge of the Dragons

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Mitchell said Montalvo lost all vision in the eye and was forced to have it permanently removed this week.

A second rider was hurt last week. Local television station WKMG identified the rider as year-old Jon Wilson of Ohio and said he was hit by something on his foot, arm and face while riding Dragon Challenge last Thursday.


The Hungarian Horntail and the Chinese Fireball would be dispatched separately for the next six years. The last day to ride Dragon Challenge was Monday, September 4, Demolition of Dragon Challenge began almost immediately, and construction began—but on what? More than a year after the closure of Dragon Challenge , Universal still had not announced what its replacement would be.

There was a clue in October , when promotional artwork showed a single steel track above a forest—perhaps the Forbidden Forest—with several Cornish Pixies along the track. February 21, , Universal finally announced the name and opening date. Click here to post comments at MiceChat about this article. Have you stowed your belongings in a free locker? Enjoy your ride! Photo by Werner Weiss, Intertwined track The ride is over.

Range Rover Sport hybrid completes first ever Dragon Challenge in China |

What are you going to do next? Photo by Werner Weiss, Steel track dominating the skyline of Hogsmeade Despite the dragon tie-in, the dual-track steel coaster never fit well into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Or was it? By , it was time for something new. Photo by Werner Weiss, Construction wall at Hogsmeade Photo by Werner Weiss, New attraction rising beyond the wall, December February 21, , Universal finally announced the name and opening date.

Photo by Werner Weiss, Ancient gothic arch leading to a modern double roller coaster.

What was: Dragon Challenge - Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure

Photo by Werner Weiss, Attraction name chiseled in stone. Photo by Werner Weiss, Flying feet and the soles of shoes.

Ryan - No hiding from challenge ahead

Photo by Werner Weiss, Triwizard Tournament flags and banners. Photo by Werner Weiss, Goblet of Fire, emitting the glow of blue flames, in the champions tent. Photo by Werner Weiss, Track colors matching the dragon colors. Photo by Werner Weiss, Cobra roll. Photo by Werner Weiss, Feet to the sky!

Range Rover Sport PHEV completes scary 45-degree 999 step Dragon Challenge in China

Pictured below are the rewards tied to their specific Dragon Portkey Portmanteau. In a perfect world, all these challenges will hopefully be achieved and the amazing bonuses will be unlocked so we can reap the benefits of our hard labor! Confused or unsure what Dragon lives where? No sweat. Knowing what Dragons live in your region will definitely influence your decision when it comes to picking up certain Portkeys, so be sure to spread the word and let other players know what Dragon Portkeys to be looking for during this week-long event!

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The Challenge of the Dragons The Challenge of the Dragons
The Challenge of the Dragons The Challenge of the Dragons
The Challenge of the Dragons The Challenge of the Dragons
The Challenge of the Dragons The Challenge of the Dragons
The Challenge of the Dragons The Challenge of the Dragons
The Challenge of the Dragons The Challenge of the Dragons

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