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Translation of "reverence" in Russian

Despite their reverence for Lieutenant Torres, she should be assigned a hour security detail. Grant me an audience and allow me to show my reverence to you Remember, the French for "curtsey" is " reverence ". I wish at this time to pay tribute to a woman who has died recently and whose name evokes mystic reverence.

Such reverence for mortals. The members stand in solidarity with those who are oppressed, foster justice for the Earth, and reverence the diversity of world cultures. We encourage you to reverence and to respect the religious diversity that exists within communities.

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My village will devour your flesh with reverence. The government has shown nothing but disrespect for this court's authority, so spare me the hollow reverence. There's no sense of reverence for the service they're providing people.

His order is ruled by reverence for life. When you meet the queen, you'll have to make a reverence.

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reverence (n.)

Suggest an example. About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Legal considerations. Led by passion and intuition, Zana has travelled to over 70 countries. She spent ten years on her project in the brothels of Calcutta where she photographed, filmed and taught photography to the children of prostitutes.

She has spent ten years photographing and filming insects in the wild, treating them not as scientific curiosities, but as individual sentient beings.

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Housed in a movable structure resembling the exquisite shape of a praying mantis eggpod, REVERENCE will transform the way we see and inspire us to find a more harmonious way to live on the earth. Reverence Foundation supports individuals and organizations who champion animals and the environment through compassion, artistic expression, visionary education, respectful research and outstanding design. A confirmation email has been sent to your address.

Faithless - Reverence (Official Video)

Zana splits her time between New York City and camping alone in wild places.

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