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What is so Controversial About the Status of Portraiture in Contemporary Art?


The earliest portrait photographers were thoroughly painterly in their approach, since they faced fierce competition from painters. The American pioneers of the aesthetic movement in photography in the early 20th cent.

In Germany during the same period August Sander produced photographs that characterized the entire range of the German social classes. A number of American photographers working during the Great Depression produced a moving composite portrait of poverty-stricken rural America. Other outstanding American portrait photographers of the 20th cent. Since then photographic portraiture has taken several new directions in the second half of the 20th cent.

Photographic self-portraits such as those of Man Ray and Duane Michaels also portrayed the sitter in a surreal setting. Nude portraits and multimedia works have proliferated, and the confrontation with the grotesque in human nature and physiognomy, masterfully explored by Diane Arbus, has spawned a number of imitators. Photographic portraits of the s and 90s include works by such artists as Richard Avedon who has taken masterly portraits since mid-century and Annie Leibovitz.

Moreover, the late 20th cent. See also photography, still photography, still, science and art of making permanent images on light-sensitive materials. See also photographic processing; motion picture photography; motion pictures.

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See J. Schreiber, Portraits and Self-Portraits ; L. Marrits, Modeled Portrait Sculpture ; F. Kinstler, Painting Portraits ; A. Fulvio, Roman Portraits ; W. Craven, Colonial American Portraiture ; R. Brilliant, Portraiture The principal portrait media are painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography.

From earliest times the portrait has been considered a means to immortality. Many cultures have attributed magical properties to the portrait: symbolization of the majesty or authority of the subject, substitution for a deceased individual's living presence or theft of the soul of the living subject.

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The Self-Portrait Two conflicting objectives characterize portrait art in all cultures: the desire to represent the subject accurately and the desire to transform or idealize the subject. The Evolution of Portrait Painting Portrait art has taken many forms; variation in styles and tastes has contributed as much to portrait art as to other modes of artistic expression. Group Portraits The Dutch painters of the 17th cent. American Portraiture In the United States during the 18th cent.

Modern Portraiture The portrait had been a major source of income to painters since the Renaissance, and many modern European masters became, perforce, adept at the art. Photographic Portraiture The miniature portrait had retained its popularity with all social classes until the middle of the 19th cent. Bibliography See J. Mentioned in?

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References in periodicals archive? Professionally, Gregoriospends most of his time focusing on his fashion and portraiture works while pursuing new avenues for inspiration and experience while sharing his talents with audiences across Europe. For example her portraiture of Abdul Sattar Edhi engages you on several levels in person and establishes a memory that challenges you and then makes you think about it days, weeks, months and years later.

Naomi: Adding film grain is just a personal preference. I was a medium format film shooter when I entered the industry and I still love the look of an image with the appropriate amount of grain. Melissa: Fade is a feature in Photoshop that you can use to reduce the amount of any effect.

It is the 4th option from the top. You will get a percentage slider to adjust how much of the Portraiture you actually want in the image.

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It gives your brain time to adjust. Portraiture has been specifically designed to retain and preserve the skin texture, pore level detail and structure. Jeff- Are you using portraiture for lightroom or photoshop or both? Can you explain which is best?


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Wendy, I run it as a batch action In Photoshop. Running it in Lightroom creates a second tiff or jpeg in Lightroom that just messes up my workflow. I do like your edits and think you shared some great info. I actually LIKE a higher portraiture look and follow some year veterans who choose that editing style. Use the Portraiture plug in as part of that work flow.

Easy Learning English Grammar. Collins English Dictionary apps. Word Frequency. Collins English Dictionary. All rights reserved. Word origin of 'portraiture'.

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Example sentences containing 'portraiture' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more…. Trends of 'portraiture'. Nearby words of 'portraiture'. Definition of portraiture from the Collins English Dictionary.

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