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The origin of the moon calendar

Optimism and empathy with others is an important virtue these days and could come in handy for social activities. Any discord with collaborators? Use the diplomacy and charm of Libra to take a step back and reflect with an open and creative mind. Scorpio is emotional and feels very involved with its relationships. This weekend could be great to spend with long time friends or to deepen relationships. This moon phase and Sagittarius are all about getting things done.

During this period of of addition and growth, anything added to our work and bodies will have more impact. With its fiery attitude, creativity and enthusiasm for the future this archer will help to find the right mindset. Avoid sending important emails, applications or planning meetings. Capricorn is the most ambitious and organized sign, making these days great for wise and strategic planning. Use this moment to shuffle, think long-term, go over plans and adjust where needed.

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Aquarius brings a creative and open-minded energy, it is social, progressive and anti-establishment. Enjoying the weekend with company or a good book can create an original and inventive spark. Any brainstorm will benefit from this energy. Take a step back and feel dreamy and romantic during this full moon in Pisces. Pisces relates to empathy, contemplation and artistic creation.

Connections with other people but also materials, music and arts can move deeper and enhance creativity and flow. The waning period is the perfect time to get rid of anything unneeded. Aries offers support with any challenge and gives the energy to continue the projects that you are committed to carrying through to completion.

The recent phase of the waxing and full moon took a lot of energy.

The origin of the moon calendar - Living With The Moon

Taurus in disseminating moon is the time to take a step back, get enough sleep, eat well, and enjoy something relaxing. Accept that where you are is where you should be. Gather rose hips, blackthorn, and hawthorn with the backdrop of trees in their autumn colors. This is a great period to finish, re-organize, and structure tasks. Use the social and intellectual energy of Gemini to talk about your project with other people, feel more articulate, and feel receptive to feedback when explaining your ideas.

Cancer has a great imagination and rich emotional life, it can be very social but also homey. This is a great time to do creative work and reflect with some unexpected fiction. At this point the moon will reach its fastest movement causing an unfavorable energy; creating the perfect time for rest and not undertaking things of great importance. The last days before the new moon are called balsamic. This is not about a tasty Italian vinegar but refers to balm, the application of anything healing or soothing.

It is a great time to take it easy and surrender. Luckily Leo is all about self-care. This is a good moment to reflect on your life; it is an appropriate time to make changes and adjustments. Organized and tidy Virgo will offer support to catch up on paperwork, administration and clear surroundings to create a fresh start without distractions. The new moon phase is the time to dream and plan first steps.

The full moon ritual for setting intentions that is included in the calendar can aid in this process. This is a phase to have courage, work and move forward. Those prone to fear, must summon extra courage in the time of waxing crescent not to give up at the start. During the first quarter, the moon is half illuminated.

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This is a time to commit to the right challenges with confidence and concentration. Go over the list of intentions to fully connect with them.

get link Distinguish well between insecurity and lack of motivation. If it is an insecurity you find in your intentions, commit doubly to growing those dreams. If it is a lack of motivation ask whether it may be best to let go of these things. This can make more energy and confidence available for the most important things. This time is phase of coming into full potential. There may be a need to make some changes and adjustments in order to build momentum in the process of making the dreams more visible.

In this period stamina and patience are requisite. The full moon is a phase of completion and culmination. When sun and moon are directly opposite from each other, the sun fully illuminated the moon and the moon is visible in its full shape.

These positions highlight opposing forces and polarities. Similarly, the full moon relates to the new moon within this cycle. Tasks and goals set then can now be fine-tuned or completed. This is a phase for manifesting intention; its harvest time.


This time of plenty is an ideal moment to also forgive anyone and any-thing that may have hurt you. Use this newly created space to feel gratitude, filling it with the fruits of your labor. The recent phases of the waxing and full moon demanded a great deal of energy.

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After the full moon the waning phase starts. This decreasing phase is also a good period to get rid of anything unneeded, like negative thoughts or bad habits. Pick through the harvest and get rid of fruits which may rot. It is not the time to start something new. Exactly in between the full and new moon phases, the moon is half full again.

The sun creates a hard edge on the moon. Some discomfort can arise in this phase. Conflict may also arise. Tiredness may become more intense in this stage. To guard against things which may spoil the harvest, confront these with perseverance and an awareness of bringing the process to completion. The moon is shrinking, nearing the completion of its cycle. In the last days it is a mere sliver, barely visible.

Dreams and intentions have been planned, executed, improved, and now finished. This is the end of a period, take it easy and let go. End, stop, reflect and disconnect from the things you no longer need in your life.

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The reflections will allow for new dreams to enter in the next cycle. The twelve constellations do not just relate to individuals' with that zodiac sign. When the moon passes through a constellation, the associated zodiac and the moon's phase interact, producing a general impact on earth's living things. Regardless of a person's zodiac sign sometimes called their sun sign , that person can experience the energy of other signs of the zodiac when the moon is situation in that sign's constellation. In traditional agriculture it is common to pay careful attention to the moon phases and locations when undertaking planting, harvesting, weeding, and other activities.

The accumulation of this knowledge is brought together in agricultural almanacs. Signs of Feng Shui. The value of Feng Shui. How important the Feng Shui might be? Have you ever got into the unfamiliar house and immediately felt yourself at home? Plants for the people of five elements of the universe. The theory of five elements appeared more than three thousand years ago. Style your house by the rules of Feng Shui. Here are a few tips on how to choose the style of the house according to Feng Shui.

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Good feng shui in small offices. The good feng shui can be applied to any space, including the most challenging environments of home and offices. Magical mirrors of Feng Shui.

Living the Lunar Calendar Living the Lunar Calendar
Living the Lunar Calendar Living the Lunar Calendar
Living the Lunar Calendar Living the Lunar Calendar
Living the Lunar Calendar Living the Lunar Calendar
Living the Lunar Calendar Living the Lunar Calendar
Living the Lunar Calendar Living the Lunar Calendar
Living the Lunar Calendar Living the Lunar Calendar
Living the Lunar Calendar Living the Lunar Calendar

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