El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition)

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A final segment will address the business of creativity, a. Underlines the importance of cultural services, such. Urges the Commission and the Council to guarantee that the rules governing commercial relations at both the bilateral and the multilateral level are transparent, fair, open, and market-access oriented; further insists that these rules must allow. Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above. The wrong words are highlighted.

It does not match my search.

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It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Thank you very much for your vote! Those that give tourism services in the free zones, and have not [ The DPNG authorizes these contracts when the [ La DPNG autoriza estos contratos cuando el titular de un cupo de [ Information from the study was discussed in separate consultations by the TUC-GEP with government representatives from relevant ministries including Labour and Transport [ General Rules [ Reglamento General [ He is the author of three published books on legal subjects, as well as of numerous publications, articles and [ Se han creado 18 nuevos cursos en las [ The companies authorized to develop tourism in the free zones, that have been considered, by the CETUR directory has convenient [ Uno de los primeros pasos en este proceso fue el [ A Master Plan [ Un plan maestro hasta el [ Its undergraduate program has 21 careers in the areas of Environment, Architecture, Engineering, Computer science, Aquiculture, Rural [ Other tax incentives [ Colombia has been the basis for our growth in Latin America Gomez, The case of Dunkin donuts shows how the Colombian economy has been the basis for the evolution of this contract in Latin America, in addition to the relationship of the representative in Colombia with the owner of the chain, who has allowed the Colombian coffee to be sold by Dunkin Donuts in the United States.

The result of a successful relationship with an American franchise like Dunkin Donuts has brought different benefits to our country, and has benefited other parties like the coffee makers, who are now exporting directly to Dunkin Donuts in the USA. The brand intends to begin the renovation of the points on 9 Colombian cities, with an investment of five million dollars over the next five years. For the next 10 years, it intends to open 70 more stores. Cartagena and Santa Marta are cities where they are interested to venture. Gomez, Another case of great importance to the Colombian economy, and for the recognition of its coffee, is Starbucks, this chain has more than 19, stores in 62 countries.

Some people say that the world of coffee owes much of its development to this company, which employs , people and generates annual revenues of approximately 14, million Revista Semana, Cases like Dunkin and Starbucks put Colombian coffee on the map. Both companies are aggressively advertising our coffee and millions of people around the world are recognizing the true value of the drink. For example, Starbucks CEO not only came to officialize the opening of the franchise into the Colombian market, he also came to discuss a strategy with the National Federation of Coffeemakers to give more visibility to Colombian coffee in its stores around the world.

The idea is for a consumer in New York City, Hong Kong or any place that has a Starbucks store, to be able to identify the origin of the Colombian coffee grain Revista Semana, Another good example is Century 21, this company ventured in Colombian Market with its first franchise in Moloney, Since then, it has grown to 24 franchises in Colombia; other newcomers to the Colombian market in that moment were Calvin Klein, Swarovski and Mango. In Colombia it is clear that the legislators have not covered in depth one of the most urgent issues to regulate today, regarding the franchise agreement, which has to do with the responsibility derived from the breach in the contract, creating multiple dangers for the parties Otero, The way the franchise agreement is seen by lawyers and jurisprudence is by analogy; there are other laws that are applicable in this situation on the commerce code.

Under our legal system, every particular case has to be analyzed separately and carefully by all the parties involved.

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  6. There are some regulations in Colombia applicable to the franchise figure, for example, the commerce code because the relationship in the franchise agreement is essentially commercial. Therefore, we directly apply the following books of the Commerce Code: i General Provisions, ii Of the merchants and Trade Affairs, iii commercial property, and iv commercial contracts and obligations. Some of the regulations that can be found in the commerce code and international treaties that regulate the figure of franchise by analogy are the following Codigo de Comercio, :.

    Article this title is about the applicability of the commercial law, the provisions of commercial law govern traders and business matters, and cases expressly unregulated will be decided by analogy with its rules. On trade issues that are unable to be regulated under the previous rule, the provisions of the civil law.

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    Article Commercial practice shall have the same authority as commercial law, if not overtly or tacitly runs counter to the facts constituting the same are public, uniform and reiterated in the location where they met the performance or relationships emerged to be regulated by it. In the absence of local custom will take into account the overall country, provided it meets the requirements of the preceding paragraph. Of the merchants and trade affairs.

    Article Other mercantile acts; It will be also all acts as commercial traders or companies related to trading activities, and executed by anyone to ensure compliance with trade obligations. Article Application of Commerce law acts.

    Ley Aplicable a los Contratos Internacionales (Mónica Rosado)

    If the merchant acts regardless of the parties, the provisions of commercial law shall govern it. Nor will the processing merchant of such fruits that made farmers or ranchers, provided that such transformation is itself a company, and. Commercial contracts and obligations Article It is the obligation of every merchant to:.

    As the franchise contract award carries a trademark, it is necessary to consider the regulations governing this procedure. Therefore, this decision applies, especially on article on the trademark license. Article - The owner of a registered or pending registration may license one or more parties to use the mark. Any license to use the mark shall be registered with the competent national office Failure to register will cause the license to be unenforceable against third parties.

    Any interested person may apply for registration of a license Decision de Cartagena, Regimen Comun sobre propiedad Industrial, It is important to remember that according to the hierarchy of the Colombian legal system, international treaties are beneath the Constitution and the Laws, which is why lawyers and investors have to be overly careful when entering into such contracts. Every issue that may come out must be analyzed with great concern, and the parties should be overly explicit in the contracts in order to avoid conflict and litigation.

    There are some important steps to acquire a franchise in Colombia. Having a first contact is good for the franchisor and the franchisee to start knowing each other, evaluate each other and create a first impression. Therefore, most companies propose that the investor interested in joining the network visits its headquarters to objectively discover how it is and how the business works. If at this time the two parties are still interested in the relationship, it is common to sign a preliminary agreement, which is a contract by which the franchisor grants the franchisee the reservation of an area until they find the right place.

    Upon signing the preliminary contract, the franchisee must pay an amount which will vary depending on the brand as advance payment or fee, to be paid when they sign the final contract. After signing the preliminary contract, the hard work of finding the ideal venue for the activity begins.

    Normally, the center advises the franchisee on the type of establishment and the place to locate for success in managing the activity. Some companies are responsible for seeking the establishment to its partners and therefore, the franchisee does not have to search alone. It is very important to consider the economic requirements that will be needed to acquire the franchise. Before signing the franchise agreement, the franchisee must ensure that they have the necessary funds to start the business. In addition to the initial investment required, they must have a financial cushion to develop the activity during the first few months.

    Most companies usually help their franchisees to reach agreements with banks or facilitate access to various funding sources. Several authors such as Marcela Castro Ruiz , have been responsible for defining certain elements that can explain the process in order to define the method to own a Franchise in the country. It is important to say that these contracts are established by the Colombian Civil Code as an atypical contract, this means, the effects have not been disciplinary regulated by the law. Although there are also those who think that this contract is collaborative in which, instead of opposite interests, there is a common purpose for both parties, which is to sell merchandise or provide services Marzorati, Castro Ruiz said that these are the elements necessary for a franchise agreement to come to light: first, the granting of a license to use property rights, second, the transmission of know-how from franchisor and third, the remuneration by the franchisee Ruiz, , p.

    The granting of a license to use property rights: The franchise agreement grants the franchisee a license to use the logos of the chain. Through the contract the franchisee is authorized to use the marks, names, emblems, labels, appellation, slogans, logos and packaging. The transmission of know-how by franchisor: This means that the franchisor literally knows how to do something; it is the set of technical, administrative, business and financial management skills.

    This may be the most important element because it is where the franchisor is committed to transfer the expertise of entrepreneurship. The remuneration by the franchisee: Franchising is essentially an onerous contract, and the payment for the franchisee to enter and remain in the franchise, is an essential element for the existence of this contractual figure.

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    Knowing the legal framework of a contract is essential when one has succeeded in developing a business. Sales Convention and U.

    American Business Center, Inc. Translated text of and commentary on Dictamen relativo a la queja promovida por Dulces Luisi, S. Chilewich , F.

    El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition) El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition)
    El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition) El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition)
    El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition) El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition)
    El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition) El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition)
    El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition) El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition)
    El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition) El Derecho inglés y los contratos internacionales (Monografías) (Spanish Edition)

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